Nyéléni Polska is an initiative started by the Polish delegation present at the 2nd Nyéléni-European Forum for Food Sovereignty in Cluj-Napoca 2016. The forum gathered delegates from over 40 countries, united in a struggle for fair and sustainable agricultural principles and policies, and against industrial farming.


Peasants and other people working in rural areas, civil society organisations and academics from all over the world gathered from 7-10 March 2017 for the Global Peasants’ Rights Congress in Schwäbisch Hall, Germany. The conference kicked off with an international delegation of women performing a 'mystica' to honour International Women's Day.


« Food Sovereignty implies new social relations, free of oppression and inequality between men and women, peoples, racial groups, social and economic classes and generations. »  - Nyeleni Mali Declaration 2007

What this is saying is that to have real food sovereignty, rights for and over food production, processing and eating, there needs to be justice between women and men, black and white and brown, rich and poor, young and old.


Press release: Cluj-Napoca, October 31st – The fight back against industrial agriculture and for a just and sustainable future for farming and peasant farmers took a leap forward this week as the largest-ever European Forum on food sovereignty concluded. [1]  



600 people gathering in Cluj-Napoca Romania at the Nyéléni Europe Forum for Food Sovereignty call for a stop to corporate abuse and call on their governments to support a binding UN treaty to make transnational corporations (TNCs) – including agribusiness giants and their financiers – accountable for human rights abuses.

Enough is enough! More than three people were killed a week in 2015 defending their land, forests and rivers against destructive industries and corporations. In total, this meant 185 known deaths – by far the highest toll on record and a 59% increase from 2014.

The largest-ever European meeting on food sovereignty kicked off In Cluj-Napoca, Romania today. Five hundred people from over 40 countries gather in Romania this week to discuss concrete strategies to fix our broken food system.

Launched at FAO Headquarters, the Right to Food and Nutrition Watch 2016 warns seeds and biodiversity are under threat as a result of the increasing corporate capture and the states’ neglect.

From the 16th until the 18th of September, 150 members of the European CSA movement from 25 countries gathered in Ostrava, Czech Republic for the third European CSA meeting.


21-23 September 2016
Saint-Floir – Cantal – France 

Celebrating the European Week of Mountain Local Breeds, and hosted by  CORAM and Aubrac and Salers Livestock Breeders Unions from Central France the 16- 25 September in St. Floir France, ESN members, grassroots pastoralist organisations from different countries, will take part in a public seminar the 21 – 22 September, around the question of the autonomy of livestock systems, and the importance of local breeds on it, as well as the impact of Common Agricultural Policy on mobile pastoralist systems across Europe.

The Young Researchers Program, a mentorship programme by the Hands On the Land Alliance in cooperation with TNI, FIAN International and Friends of the Earth, is open for applications until the 19th of September. This program enables young engaged scholars and activists to strengthen their capacities around understanding food sovereignty and the human right to food, including opportunities for peer-to-peer learning, benefitting from the experience of mentors, and the opportunity to attend two main events as part of the research process.