Report from the Swedish delegation


With less than a day before departure, the Swedish delegation are ready for the week in Cluj-Napoca! We are 16 swedes eager to learn and share more about food sovereignty in Europe, to further develop and establish our movement here in Sweden. We are both small-holder producers, activists and work from different Solidarity-NGOs that have these questions at heart. The organizations that are represented in our delegation are NOrdbruk, which is the Swedish branch of Vía Campesina, Småbrukarna, Friends of the Earth, Afrikagrupperna, Future Earth, FIAN, Latinamerikagrupperna and The Swallows India Bangladesh. Reading this one might wonder why different parts of the world are represented in a Swedish delegation. But, as we all work with questions regarding food sovereignty in different ways, in different contexts and regions, we have come together to see how our work are similar no matter if we speak of Sweden or South Africa. And most importantly, that our experiences show that what happens in the south is also happening in Sweden.

The delegation have met twice over two weekends where the organizations represented have held presentations about the Swedish context. How the EU agricultural legislations and the different trade agreements have a negative effect on the small scale farmers, were one of the topics presented. We also got an introduction on Food Sovereignty from the indigenous Saami perspective, pros and cons about different types of forms of agriculture, as well as the work in establishing a declaration for small scale farmers’ rights.

Our goal is to strengthen the movement in Sweden and in doing so, many of the organizations presented have come together to establish a Food Sovereignty Week in Sweden, were guests from Latin America, Africa, North America and Europe and of course Sweden, will speak of these questions in both a regional and a global scale. It is not only a week about Food Sovereignty. It is also a week about solidarity. Solidarity with between different regions of the world, as well as in Sweden. The Food Sovereignty Week will be between the 12-20th of November, where our delegation is planning a networking event between organizations that do work with these questions. The interest in food sovereignty as a solution to our problems – both in Sweden and globally are constantly growing and thus we aim to get those interested on the wagon and joining our movement!